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Panel Discussion: UX and Agile

Wednesday, March 20, I will be moderating a panel discussion on how UX fits into agile environments.

This is IxDAChicago’s monthly meeting. I’m really looking forward to this event. It’s something I have wanted to do for a long time.

Agile principles really suggest that people are more important than fixed processes and tools. So I hope in this conversation to bring out the different ways (processes) that user experience design (and research, etc.) has been integrated into different agile environments. And by implication those environments have been created by (different) people with unique needs.

I hope that members of the audience will come away with some ideas for their own agile journeys, as well as an appreciation that there is no single “best” practice for UX in an agile space.

If you attend, please say “hello” after the discussion! Oh, and bring your questions, too!


The REAL First Post

Those of you who have created WordPress blogs know, of course, that the WordPress install starts you out with a first post that doesn’t really say anything. I wonder if it kills SEO value to leave that post in place. Whatever.

This is my real first post, to declare my intention in writing this blog.

I’m an agile coach working with Si Alhir, Mark Ferraro, Brad Barton, Steve Fastabend and Alexis LaJoie in Redpoint Technologies’ Agile Transformation practice. As I’ve made the journey to agility (starting at and now with various clients of Redpoint) I’ve had some random and not-so-random thoughts. On this blog, I’d like to share them in their half-baked or sometimes fully baked state.

I hope that there will be some interesting discussion of my ideas so that I can learn from my colleagues who are or are becoming agile, and that my ideas can influence them as well.