Jacque Harper is a dedicated Agile Coach and advocate for user experience and enterprise agility.

Agile Transformation

  • Participated as a core team member in enterprise transformation in adopting, scaling, and sustaining Agile values, principles, and practices across the enterprise.
  • Coached Analysts, Developers, Testers, Scrum Masters / Project Managers, and Product Owners / Product Managers in applying agile techniques and practices.
  • Guided Product Managers /Product Owners in Product Visioning & Road-mapping and Product Backlog grooming and sizing.
  • Guided Project Managers / Scrum Master in Release Planning, Sprint Planning, Daily Scrums, Sprint Demos & Retrospectives, and handling impediments.
  • Guided Team Members in Sprint Backlog task identification, extermination, and execution.
  • Capable of taking on Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Analyst responsibilities.
  • Supported Communities of Practice (CoPs) to advance adoption.
  • Championed change and coached business stakeholders.
  • Participated in workshops and training with productization thinker Marty Cagan of Silicon Valley Product Group.


  • a leading food distributor, Rosemont, IL
  • a security hardware company with international manufacturing and distribution ā€“ Milwaukee, WI
  • an online classified advertising web site ā€“ Chicago, IL

Blogging/Writing Skills:

  • Not nearly as clever in reality as I imagine myself to be. But I believe I can encourage discussion. Check my posts for the categories “Half-Baked” or “Thought Out.”

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