Monthly Archives: June 2015

No Scope Creep

Tobias Mayer earlier today tweeted:

In an agile environment there is no such thing as “scope creep”. There are only better ideas.


Amen, amen, amen.

He hasn’t expanded on that tweet in a blog post (afaik); but really what more is there to be said? I suppose saying it gives those who don’t know what it means the opportunity to ask “what does that mean?” which could then be the subject of a blog post. But this is just words. That tweet expresses such an important idea.


There Should Be Some Fun

We’re working with a slightly-distributed team. So after we do our standup, I often take a picture of the physical wall to share with the remote stakeholders. For this, I use the panorama mode of  my phone.

When team members are willing to have some fun together–as illustrated by this image–I think you’re on the right track to a solidly-performing team.

2015-06-16 02One of the other developers was wandering by, and was heard to mutter “I wish I had a wall.”