SEO for this Blog

I’m looking at the posts I’ve made on this blog so far, and thinking about traffic–of which there is very, very little–and how to generate more traffic . . . which of course leads to thinking about SEO (search engine optimization).

I feel like I have very rarely mentioned “agile” or “scrum” in my posts. And that’s going to hurt my presence in search engine results if someone searches for those items. Sure, the name of the blog is “Agile Coach Jacque,” but as it stands, that’s just as likely to turn up in a search for yoga instructors as it is in a search for “software development methodology.”

*Sigh* Tempting though it may be, I’m not going to fill a post with all the names of agile methodologies and synonyms for “agile software development” that I can think of. (And besides, that kind of b.s. is detected and discarded by search engine algorithms anyway.) I’ll just keep writing things that I think are useful, and maybe work a bit on getting more people to link to me. Traffic and comments will come eventually. (And when it does, I’ll put sell ads on the site and make a million bucks a week! The new American Dream!) 🙂


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