Electrical Circuits as a Metaphor in Agility

In discussion with the core team at a current client, somehow the idea came up of representing team members and other players involved in transformation by electrical symbols.

  • Someone outwardly and obstructively opposed to change (that’s the obvious definition, anyway).
  • Someone from whom information/conversation flow is one-way only.
  • Business Sponsor, Lead or Visionary.
  • Someone who controls flow, or limits velocity (for good or bad?).
  • Someone or some process for smoothing out turbulence or variability.

I’m going to play with these ideas–some of you readers will suggest others?–to see if they’re helpful as metaphors for a transformation journey.


5 thoughts on “Electrical Circuits as a Metaphor in Agility

    1. agilecoachjacque Post author

      One obvious symbol that I hadn’t included is the battery; that could be the coach or the business sponsor of an agile transformation. And it might be that individual people or roles are denoted not by single symbols (components) but by circuits of a few components. So battery plus light could be business sponsor, battery plus variable resistor could be a coach . . . ?
      I did categorize this post in the “half-baked” category for just this reason. There’s a lot of room for fun and perhaps enlightening discussion.

  1. Steve Fastabend

    Great metaphor since software development is after all an engineering discipline. Could a Coach be represented with a Wheatstone Bridge? Too obtuse? It is used for measurement, analysis and comparison.


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